32.jpg This picture of a woman sitting on a train was one of the funniest articles of the year, and it took us all by surprise when we learned she was actually a woman.

It was funny because she was sitting next to a man.

That woman is not the best in the universe.

 It is, however, the best of the universe in that she is an amazing person.

She is an incredible person, and I love her for it.

This photo of a man sitting next a woman was one we found truly funny, and we are proud of it.

It is one of our favorites of the bunch, but it is a little too perfect for our tastes.

We were also a little surprised that the woman who is sitting on the train is wearing a dress, and that the man is not wearing anything at all.

It seems to fit her very nicely.

And yes, this photo is of a very pretty woman.

This woman is beautiful.

We can’t believe she is sitting in a car, wearing only her dress, without a bra.

But she is beautiful, and she is doing what she is supposed to be doing, which is being a good friend and having a good time.

A lot of people are laughing at us right now because it’s so silly.

We didn’t realize that it was actually funny until the woman in the car was laughing.

As much as we all love the picture, we just couldn’t help but feel that it is not funny enough to warrant our full attention.

Even so, this picture of the woman sitting next the man in a beautiful dress, the way she’s sitting on that train, the little girl in the back, and the woman with her eyes closed in a very serious and solemn way is a very nice picture to have on your walls.

The article 32 caption is the funnier one of them all.

I mean, if I were you, I would take that.

It’s the funnest article we have ever written.

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