The word “hipster” has long been associated with a certain kind of lifestyle, and that lifestyle is often considered “cool.”

But a new study has found that the word is now also being used in a positive way.

MTV News spoke with experts and celebrities about the word’s new meaning.

The study was conducted by a team at the University of Chicago, with help from the University College London, to explore the changing meaning of the word hipster.

The researchers asked over 1,500 American adults to read a sample of 50 tweets from celebrities and popular brands, such as Twitter and Snapchat.

They then created a computer model of the tweets, which included hashtags, and asked the participants to describe what they would consider “hip.”

They found that while hipsters tend to associate hipsters with coolness, this is in fact a positive word for a number of people.

“They tend to be more socially aware and aware of their surroundings,” said Dr. Marko Csernowski, the study’s lead author and a professor of sociology at the university.

“The hipster culture is a way of being a part of the community,” he said.

Dr. Csennowski added that hipsters, or “hipsters,” can be seen as having a more inclusive, progressive, and open view of social issues.

He added that the use of the term has also been linked to the rise of social justice and anti-bullying movements.

Dr Csennaiski explained that “hip” has a specific meaning for hipsters that includes a specific attitude.

“There is an acceptance of the hipster, the idea of a hipster being a person of color, or a queer person,” he explained.

“It is not necessarily a white person.

There are other groups in hipster society, such a people of color.

And this is a group that’s actually a part that has been marginalized, and it is not just hipsters.”

Dr Csenkowski said that this new term is particularly relevant in terms of politics because the word has been used to describe groups like the Black Lives Matter movement and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

“In the past, there was a negative reaction against the hipsters,” Dr Cshernowski said.

“There was a feeling that the hipest of the cool kids were the ones that were doing the worst things.

Now, the hip is the cool one.”

He added: “It is a positive thing because it’s an alternative.

It’s a positive sign to be seen.

And you can see it in the actions that these groups are taking, as opposed to the people who are in the mainstream.”

Dr. Mark Csnerksi explained how the word can be used in this context.

“A hipster is someone who has a more progressive stance, more open-minded approach to social issues,” he told MTV News.

“A hip is a person who is more progressive.”

Dr Mark Csenksi said the word “black” also has a negative connotation because it has been associated as being associated with criminality and gang activity.

“Black people are criminals,” Dr Mark Csiennaiskis said.

“When you see black people committing crimes, you see a lot of the violence that goes on.”

The word “hippie” has also had a negative reputation, especially in terms the police and government have used it as a derogatory term for people of different races.

Dr Csenykis said hipsters also use the word to refer to “non-white people.”

“The word hip is not only used to associate non-white,” Dr. Csenkoski explained.

“You also use it in a negative way.”

Dr Marnie Rensselaer, a professor at the American University of Paris, said the “hip-ster” label was coined in the 1990s by a hip-hop star named Eminem.

“Eminem was trying to make a point about how he was the only person in the world who could do what he was doing, and he was going to use the hip-ster label,” she said.

According to Dr Renssels, Eminem’s “Hipster” was a way for the rapper to identify with hipsters and also draw attention to a “black problem” he was struggling with.

“I think it’s very important that hipster should be associated with positive things, because that’s when the word really becomes the positive thing,” Dr Ronsselaer said.

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