Science article By now, you’re probably familiar with the notion that abortion can be dangerous for women who undergo the procedure.

But there are many women who are concerned that they’ll end up with unwanted pregnancies and a higher risk of developing certain cancers.

One study suggests that about 20 percent of women will experience some degree of post-abortion depression after having an abortion, and that some women who have experienced post-delivery depression are more likely to become pregnant.

The fear of having unwanted pregnancies can make some women think of the procedure as a life-ending procedure.

The truth is, a woman may not even know she is pregnant.

Her body has an extremely powerful hormonal reaction that makes her feel like she’s never had a chance to make a decision, and her mind is at work creating that decision.

Women who have had an abortion may not know that they were pregnant until it was too late to make one, and the effects of this pregnancy on a woman are not always obvious.

When a woman is considering abortion, the body may want to make the decision as soon as possible.

But once the decision is made, the hormone levels in the uterus are too low to allow a woman to fully process the outcome.

As a result, the fetus has a much greater chance of developing problems, including cancer, which can then spread throughout the body and cause problems in the years afterward.

But if you want to know what happens in the body after an abortion and what it means to your body, you need to talk to your doctor.

The process of terminating a pregnancy is an intimate and emotional one.

The woman’s mind and body are working in tandem, and each is working hard to make that decision as quickly as possible for as long as possible without hurting herself or others.

Understanding the process of abortion will help you make an informed decision about whether to have it.

And the sooner you can make that call, the sooner the process will be completed, the better for you and the unborn baby.

The first step to ending a pregnancy The most important part of an abortion is the procedure itself.

The procedure begins with a woman getting a medical exam, which will be done at the hospital.

The doctor will tell you about what to expect.

A woman’s cervix will be opened and examined for signs of infection or a condition that might be causing a miscarriage, such as a bacterial infection or infection that is not detected in the exam.

The cervix may also be examined for uterine contractions.

A doctor will also ask about the cervix’s function, such a whether it is tight or wide, how deep or shallow, and whether it’s dilated or open.

Once the cervis is opened, the doctor will insert a small instrument called a suture into the cervicle.

The suture is a long, thin metal tube with a small hole through it.

The tube is placed in the vagina and the suture sticks to the cervicovaginal wall.

A small plastic tube is then inserted into the vagina through the sutures.

The surgeon inserts a small metal needle into the end of the sutra and then gently pushes it into the uterus to close the opening.

The needle is attached to a small plastic instrument called the probe, which is inserted through the opening of the cerval opening.

A needle is then pushed through the uterus, which opens and contracts, until the needle is no longer visible and the uterus is completely dilated.

The end of a sutra is then placed in a bag and the process begins.

A second sutra, called a “procedure kit,” is then filled with a sterile saline solution and a small needle, which are then placed into the woman’s vagina to open the uterus.

The syringe is then put into the patient’s vagina.

The nurse will then insert the syringe into the uterine canal, which begins to dilate.

The uterus and cervix are then closed, the suta is removed, and a new procedure kit is inserted into place.

The next step is to put a tube of anesthesia in the woman, which helps to close her cervix.

The tubes are placed in an ileostomy bag and placed in another ileoscope bag to allow the needle to be injected.

The anesthesia is then applied to the woman and the procedure is then complete.

The final step is for the surgeon to insert a tiny incision, called an ectopic, into the womb.

The incision is made in the right side of the uterus and is then sealed with a bandage.

This will allow the woman to be brought back to her husband or boyfriend to give birth.

If the procedure went well, the procedure kit will be ready for the patient to be taken home.

In a few weeks, the patient will be discharged from the hospital, but not before the woman will be given the best care possible.

Because the procedure takes so long, many women choose to end the pregnancy early, and sometimes, even after the procedure, the

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