By MARK KARLMAN EditorThe word ‘f-word,’ invented by an American woman who lived in Germany in the 1960s, has taken on a life of its own.

The F-word, as coined by Barbara Ehrenreich in the 1973 film “Freaks and Geeks,” has become a household word in the United States.

And it has made its way into other countries as well, from England to Brazil, where a group of American-born scientists created a slang term for a penis called a “kinko,” a term that was then adopted by a Brazilian porn industry.

Ehrens words have also been translated into many other languages, including English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and Dutch.

“The F-Word was invented in the U.S. by a very talented American woman, and it is an example of the kind of creative thinking that has helped define our country’s identity,” said American-Italian writer Antonio Della Vigna.

Della Della Vergara said that he and his colleagues in Italy’s Florence University were not surprised by the word’s popularity, because it “seems like an expression that’s used for sexual intercourse and is a symbol of the intimacy that can come from it.”

“It’s an expression of sexuality and sexuality is a sign of being able to be sexually aroused,” he added.

Ehreich was born in Germany and became a U.K. citizen in 1954.

Her husband, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, introduced her to the word in an attempt to make it more appropriate for the United Kingdom.

They then used the word to refer to sex with a penis or a vagina, said Ehrenrich, who is now a professor emeritus at the London School of Economics.

Ehrends first used the F-name in the late 1960s to describe sexual relations between two people in a sexual context, and later in the 1970s, it was applied to the concept of a penis.

The word “f-y,” as it is now known, came about as a result of the development of the word “sex” in the mid-19th century, said the writer, whose latest book is “How the F word Changed the World.”

Ehrenmich has been called a pioneer of the use of the F name for the word, and for her work on “Freakonomics,” the best-selling book on the topic.

She is also the author of “How to Have a Sex Life” and “The Real Sex: Sex, Gender and Culture in a Post-Grammy Era.”

In addition to her academic work, Ehren and her husband have been active in politics and philanthropy.

In the 1970 and 1980s, Ehrend wrote for the British tabloid newspaper The Sunday Times.

They were also the creators of a popular video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System called “The Bikini Biscuit.”

In 2010, the couple co-founded a women’s rights organization in the UK called the Bikini Institute.

They are also active in various organizations, including the British Humanist Association, which provides a range of services and services for the religious community.

In 2013, Ehreid and DellaVigna co-authored a book about the “F-Word” titled “Fantasies, Fashions and the F Word.”

The book, which was published by Simon & Schuster, was a collaboration with the British writer and film producer, Susanne Hesse, whose husband, filmmaker and actor Ian Fleming, has written numerous novels and movies about the F and the word.

The book has been translated to a number of languages.

“I’ve never met an American who has not read this book and loved it,” said Ehrend.

Ehrigs’ work is well known, and her writings have also appeared in newspapers and magazines in the West, including “New York Magazine” and The Guardian.

The “F” word is often associated with racism, sex and other ills, said Andrea DePaulo, an associate professor of English at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and a member of the American Language Association.

“But it is also a term of endearment,” DePaulos said.

“It comes from a period in American history when people were celebrating the freedoms that they enjoyed in their own countries, and the idea of a free country, that was a wonderful thing.”

“I think it’s important to understand the origins of this word and how it came into the American lexicon,” DeMarco said.

The dictionary “Flexibility” says the word was coined in 1892 by an African-American writer in Detroit, Michigan.

The definition was expanded by another writer, and eventually by the British lexicographer James Murray.

In 1894, the term “Fuchsia” was used to describe the flesh-colored

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