The National Hockey League is not the only organization that is eager to acquire players to bolster its roster.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmann is not only the biggest loser in this whole trade craze, but he’s also one of the biggest winners.

For the first time in a long time, the league is getting its own players. 

This has not been an overnight phenomenon.

Bettman has been a staunch supporter of his teams in recent years.

He’s been a leader in this arena since the merger.

But the league has been in a tight spot with this year’s trade deadline looming.

It’s a huge step toward becoming a team that can compete for the Stanley Cup, a championship that Bettman knows he must win to continue his tenure as the NHL’s commissioner.

But that’s a big leap for a commissioner who has had his share of ups and downs.

Bettmans history in the league means that when it comes time to make a trade, he can’t shy away from it.

Bettmen’s first year in charge of the league saw him sign four of his top five picks.

He got rid of the last one.

He did what he did to get to the trade deadline.

That was his biggest accomplishment as commissioner. 

That was his greatest accomplishment as a commissioner.

This is the next step for the league.

It has to become a team with a proven winning formula that can win a Stanley Cup.

It must get more talent, more veteran players, more players who are capable of making plays for the team.

That means more trade talk.

It means more player development.

It also means more fan excitement.

Bettmann has already begun the process of moving some of the top prospects from the league’s top affiliate to the American Hockey League, which Bettman said he’s committed to bringing back.

This season, Bettman got a lot of flak for making these moves.

But he made a lot more of them. 

In this year, the NHL is a much different place than it was in Bettman’s first season.

He was fired after two disappointing years.

Bett was replaced by Joe Sakic, who was given the title of “general manager.”

Sakic is now in charge and has been building a roster.

He signed some of his own.

But when the trade window opens, this season Bettman will need to make another splash.

He needs to bring back a player who will help make the franchise even better.

That’s not a sure thing.

Bett has a history of being bold.

He made moves that made his job a lot easier, but some people are calling him a fool.

That is certainly not the opinion of many.

In the summer of 2012, Bettmans first season in charge, the Flyers had a lot to prove.

They were in a rebuilding phase. 

At the time, they had a young core.

They had a team captain in Claude Giroux, a big star in Wayne Simmonds, and a young goalie in Rick Nash.

They also had a star goaltender in Ryan Miller.

The team had won three straight Stanley Cups before losing in the playoffs in 2013. 

Bettmans gamble on GM Paul Holmgren and his willingness to trade down and draft two first-round picks seemed like a good gamble.

After all, Holmgreson was a fan of the Flyers from his days with the team’s parent organization.

He would go on to win two Cups with the Flyers, which helped solidify the team as one of hockey’s elite teams.

The Flyers were the league champions in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

They reached the Eastern Conference Final in 2013 and advanced to the Stanley Finals in 2014. 

The Flyers are also the NHL champions in each of the past three seasons, but it’s a lot different this time around.

The last time they won the Stanley Cups, it was 2007.

The previous two seasons have been particularly tough for the Flyers.

They lost the Presidents’ Trophy to the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs.

They missed the playoffs for the first and second years in a row. 

Despite all of these setbacks, the team has shown signs of strength.

They’re going to be good again.

They’ll be good because of the talent on the roster and the depth on the team that is coming back. 

But for Bettman, it’s time to get a little bolder.

The trade window is opening up and the Flyers can be a team in the middle of the pack again this season.

Bett’s team has the ability to be better.

It just needs to do it. 

One thing the Flyers have going for them this season is the emergence of some young players who have played well in the AHL.

They have two players who were draft picks last year who are making an impact in the NHL. 

It’s also important to note that the Flyers are not alone in this move

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