Sports fans have been waiting for the Canadian Olympic Association to put together a new governing body to run the sport’s governing body since last year’s Games.

The IOC, which has overseen the Winter Olympics in Sochi and London, has yet to release a statement on the issue.

But the association has been working behind the scenes with the Canadian government to craft a proposal that would give athletes a stronger voice, including in deciding whether to join the CPA.

In December, the Canadian federation said it was ready to consider a proposal from the CAA that would allow its athletes to become IOC members.

The Canadian Olympic Advisory Committee, the body tasked with overseeing the CCA, also held a meeting with the CFA in December.

The two groups are expected to meet again in January, said David Cote, a spokesman for the CSA.

The CAA, meanwhile, said it would work to have the CMA and the CCC jointly establish a CPA board.

The issue has been discussed at the highest levels of government, including at the federal level, where sports officials are pushing for a new CPA governing body.

The association’s new president, John Coates, said last month he’s open to the idea.

But he said his goal is to have a “complete, coherent proposal” for a CFA governing body in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The proposed CPA, which would have the ability to add and remove athletes from the national team and the individual competitions, is one of several steps the CUSA will take over the next year.

At the same time, the CBA, which includes the CMO, is preparing to set up a committee to manage all sports.

It will have to decide on the best way to handle the issue of athlete representation at the Winter Games.

This is part of a bigger, longer-term issue, said Michael Geist, an Olympic sports expert at the University of Ottawa.

“There is no question that there will be a CSA and CMO and they will have more control over athletes than there have ever been before.

That’s a big part of the problem.

We’ll get to the point where they have the power to select athletes for the games.”

In addition to the Olympic Winter Games, the country’s three sports are also in need of a new body.

Soccer is in need the most.

Canada has hosted more than 200 games for soccer since the CBL opened in 1993.

The country hosted the 2018 World Cup, but the CPL is now facing financial troubles.

The 2022 Winter Games are expected in time to be the most-watched sporting event in the country, and the World Cup could boost attendance.

But there is no consensus yet on what a new Canadian CPA body would look like.

The government and the Canadian Association of Professional Sports are expected on Friday to discuss the best method to create a new organization, with a final decision expected in the spring.

But with the government facing a deficit of $3.4 billion next year, some of the biggest challenges facing the CSL include ensuring the financial viability of the CSPA.

That could be an issue for the association.

“We want to see the CSPA in the best financial position it can be in,” said John Smith, president of the Canadian Sport Council, a non-profit organization that promotes the sport.

“The federation’s balance sheet is very thin and it has to be balanced.

We’re hoping to see something done to bring the balance back.”

As of last week, Canada’s CSL had a deficit exceeding $3 billion, and its operating balance was $1.2 billion.

A recent report by the Ontario government suggested that the CSFSA was in danger of losing about $1 billion in funding by the time the 2019 World Cup rolls around.

A new CSA would give the association greater financial flexibility, but Smith said it’s still possible a CSFLA could lose funding by failing to meet certain benchmarks.

That would cause the association to lay off staff and the cost of operating the CML could increase.

But in a situation like this, the government has a vested interest in maintaining the CCL.

“I’m very confident the CCLA will be successful, but I can’t see us losing money on the CFL,” Smith said.

“It’s an expensive program and it needs to be maintained.

We’ve done everything we can.”

The CFA is also working to raise the profile of Canadian sport in the United States.

The league has signed on with Fox Sports to broadcast the World Series of Hockey this year, and is looking to increase the number of Canadian games played in the US.

The federation is also preparing for a potential increase in Canadian television rights fees, which could mean a loss of money for the federation.

The next major hurdle for the new CCA will be getting an agreement with the United Soccer League.

The US soccer league is currently operating under a $200 million contract with the CFL and has been asking the

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