on the medical dangers of circumcision article The Obama administration has shut down a popular article on medical risks of circumcision, after a student who attended the event described the event as an assault on her First Amendment rights.

The student, a 19-year-old student from North Carolina, wrote in a Facebook post that the event at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was “a full-fledged assault on my First Amendment right to freedom of speech, free association, and speech that is not based on religion or any other personal beliefs.”

The administration told The Daily Beast that the article, titled “The Science of Circumcision and Its Implications for the Health of Infants,” was published in January and was not funded by the university.

The university said in a statement that the university “has a strong commitment to free speech and academic freedom.

We condemn the actions of an administration that would shut down this work.”

A student who was invited to speak at the event, who asked not to be identified by name, described what she saw during the event: The event was not about educating students about medical issues but about promoting the false claim that circumcision is a harmless and effective cosmetic procedure.

In addition to students and faculty, attendees were also expected to include some university staff and staff from the medical community.

The event was advertised on Facebook as “a discussion of science and medical issues relating to circumcision, and how the foreskin and the surrounding tissues protect the penis,” according to a description of the event.

However, the description states that the “event will include an introduction to the medical and scientific aspects of circumcision as well as a discussion of circumcision and the importance of it for health and well-being.”

The description also said that the events “will feature a discussion about the importance and safety of circumcision for the health of infants.”

The university was contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday, and the university has yet to respond.

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