The Verge article The Wall Street Journal is getting in on the real-time video game-like news business.

The newspaper is reporting that it has hired veteran journalists, including the digital-video production veteran behind a long-running CNNMoney show, to help run the new business unit.

The Verge first reported the news on Thursday.

The WSJ has been trying to diversify its business by adding some of its top-rated and most-respected reporters and digital editors to its print and digital media operations.

But the WSJ is also hoping to add video to the business.

WSJ editor-in-chief Noah Kulshansky told The Verge that the team will be in the video business “to make sure we’re doing what’s best for the company.”

“The world has changed a lot in the last few years,” he said.

“We’ve seen that it’s become more interactive and there’s a lot of demand for that kind of content.”

The WSj is the newspaper that first began producing news in print in the early 2000s.

But it has been slow to take full advantage of the burgeoning video game industry.

Last year, the WSj reported that it had about 100 journalists, many of whom had worked at other publications before.

But many of the new hires were not veteran journalists but younger staffers with more video experience.

The team, which will be led by Kulshanks and the digital editor who helped run a digital show called “The View,” will work closely with other news organizations, including CNN, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post and The Verge.

The Wall St. Journal will also create an app that allows journalists to keep tabs on what’s happening in the news business and then share it with their audience, as well as video-editing tools that could help it make sense of the huge amount of data it has amassed from its users.

Kulshanski said the WSji has not yet announced any specific hires for the business, but he expects to announce them soon.

“What we want to do is try to create the best of both worlds,” he told The Guardian.

“You’re trying to make sure that we’re giving people the information they need and at the same time you’re also helping to grow our audience.”

In a blog post announcing the hiring, Kulshansaid the WSJD team is also going to work with the WSJs own “digital team” to produce “videos that are both entertaining and newsworthy.”

“We want to bring video journalism into the newsroom, and we want people to have a great time,” Kulshanskansaid.

The news business is the WSJJs largest and most profitable segment, and the WSJS was in the black a little more than a year ago when it folded.

It has about 300 journalists, according to the WSJA.

Its revenue from digital ad sales has dropped more than 50% since the recession, and it reported $4.4 billion in operating loss last year, according the WSJO.

The move comes amid a broader trend in news coverage that has seen some media companies focus on video and news on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, while others are moving to live-streamed content.

WSJD CEO Andrew Schaffer told The New York Times that the move to video would be a major boost for the WSIJ.

“Our video business is a critical part of our digital strategy,” he wrote in a statement.

“As we continue to build and grow this business, we look forward to the opportunity to help other newsrooms make the leap to video as well.”

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