The plight of migrant workers in the state has become increasingly precarious.

Last month, a group of migrant labourers from Bihar, who had been working in the fields for years, were arrested by police for allegedly assaulting a security guard.

The police claimed that the labourers allegedly assaulted a security officer in an attempt to get him to release them from their jobs.

The incident triggered a backlash on social media, and led to the formation of the Migrant Workers Solidarity Group (MWSG) on January 30, 2017.

The group, which has now been working with workers from the fields in the district of Sondh, is calling for a general strike on January 29 to demand the release of all migrant workers who have been arrested and their immediate release.

“They are working in our fields and are working like this to survive,” said a worker, who requested not to be named.

“The labourers are working under conditions that are not safe and are often subjected to abusive and humiliating treatment.

They are exploited for little or no pay.

They can’t even afford to buy food for themselves.”

The group has appealed to the government to take action against the employers.

“We want to take a stand against the employer and the government,” said the worker, adding that they had to do so for themselves, and not for their employers.

The government has not yet made any announcement on the matter.

Migrant workers suffer from conditions that do not allow them to live in dignity in India article Migrant labourers in the Punjab region of the country are facing a number of health issues.

According to the latest data, migrant workers are more than twice as likely to be admitted to the state’s hospital for treatment than Indian nationals.

While the number of deaths due to the respiratory disease in Punjab has declined in recent years, the number remains at a high.

Migrant labour, which includes women and children, has been a common source of conflict in the region, particularly for those working in agricultural production.

Many migrant labourer groups have developed separate networks to provide assistance to their families and to organise protests against their employer.

According to the NGO Migrant Rights Centre (MRRC), around 5,000 migrant workers, mostly from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, are killed each year by their employers in the province.

The migrant workers die due to injuries, suicide attempts, and malnutrition.

The MRRC estimates that around 40,000 workers in Punjab work on fields for Rs. 1 to Rs. 10 a day.

In May, a government order banned the use of child labour, but some migrant workers were still working in fields.

“There are about 10-12 migrant laboullers in my area and they are not allowed to work on the fields,” said Naved, a labourer from Bangladesh who asked not to give his last name.

“I do not know where I can go to get help.

I cannot leave home and there is no support in the area.”

The migrant workers also face problems with safety.

According the MRRC, a migrant labouller working in Sondhanj district, who has a brother who is in the armed forces, was shot dead by police in February.

“People are being beaten and tortured,” he said.

“It is a problem that we cannot overcome.”

Migration worker protests in Bihar have led to violent clashes between the migrant workers and police.

A case was filed against police officers for beating and injuring migrant labouchers on January 15.

The case has been filed in the Supreme Court, which is currently considering the petition filed by the migrant laboures.

“We are trying to organise a general picket on January 28 and call for the release and immediate release of the migrant labour,” said Jaijit Singh, the MRCC spokesperson.

“Migrant labourer workers are being held hostage by employers and their governments, which have not taken any action on the issue of migrant labour.

This is the reason why we are trying our best to organise.”

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