By Laura Tingle Posted November 14, 2018 11:13:31I was walking my dog when I heard the news about the impeachment trial.

I’ve been a pet owner for a long time, but it wasn’t until I saw the articles that I realised I was getting a glimpse into the future.

As we all know, the US Senate was already facing impeachment proceedings for several years now.

As soon as the president, Donald Trump, made his remarks in February that there was an “epidemic” of corruption and corruption in the US, I knew that it was only a matter of time before the US senate started impeachment proceedings against him.

The first article about impeachment, written by the New York Times, came out in March.

It was titled, “The Latest: How President Donald Trump and the Senate are trying to save their jobs.”

A year later, the article was titled “Impeachment, Now and Then, Is a Serious Matter.”

Now the second article has been published, entitled, “Imagining the Impeachment Trial.”

The article says that the impeachment process, which is going to be held for two years, will involve the Senate being put in a “cruel and unusual” position.

The article continues, saying the trial will last about three months.

In fact, this trial is already underway.

We have the full trial scheduled to begin on February 12, 2019.

And, according to CNN, it will last “about two months”.

There are a number of reasons why the Senate has been facing impeachment trials for several decades.

We all know that the US has a very complex, expensive system of government, where the president is not independent, the judiciary is not impartial, and there are a lot of problems with the system.

So why is the US government so corrupt that there is a trial?

I believe it’s a very important story that will tell us more about what we can expect in the future, how we will be able to live with our dogs in the next 50 years, and how we can get rid of a corrupt system that has ruined so many lives.


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