The New York Times is reporting that an Indian journalist has been jailed for “shamelessnesses” for “unethical” coverage of child-sex abuse. 

The Times article was published on Sunday, as part of its ongoing investigation into the case of Sushma Swaraj, the Indian politician who is currently facing charges in the United States. 

“The article is titled ‘India’s Sushma Swaraj’, but the title could have been ‘India, where children are raped’,” the Times wrote, adding that the article “was written by a child who was raped as a child, but it is a child’s article”.

“Swaraj, who is Indian, was a prominent politician, but the article is the product of a child and a politician,” the Times said.

The article by Rakesh Srinivasan is titled, ‘India has a child rapist problem’, and it says, “The Indian government is trying to make India’s sex-abuse laws more stringent.”

“India has made a concerted effort to stamp out child abuse,” Srinivanso told the Times.

“The article, which has been widely read and shared, is a disgrace.

The story of India’s child rapist culture is shameful.

This is a case of unprofessionalism.

We are talking about child rapists.””

The Times is very concerned about the plight of the Indian child and his victims,” said Srinivasam.

“This is a story that needs to be published, and it is shameful that the Times has decided to publish it.

The article is a textbook example of unjournalism.” 

The article was written by Srinivaan and was first published on the New Delhi-based Daily Times of India, a leading news source. 

According to the Times, Srinigasan was sentenced to four years in jail and ordered to pay a fine of $8,000 (£5,400) by a judge on Monday.

The New York-based newspaper is also reporting that Srinagasan has appealed against the sentence. 

Sarnath Kumar, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Indian parliament, has previously expressed his support for Srinivanasan.

“I am very sorry for the shame that has been done to the child and to the victim.

I am also very sorry to the person who has written this article,” Kumar told reporters on Sunday.

“We have always said that the laws should be stricter, and that child rapists should be punished.

I do not believe that child sexual abuse should be an exception.

I have always supported Srinavans efforts to fight against child abuse.”

The Times did not say when the article was first written. 

Earlier this year, the Times published an article by the Indian-American journalist Shelagh Patterson that criticised India’s rape laws, calling them “a disaster”. 

“Indian rape laws are a disaster.

They are a complete disaster,” Patterson wrote in the article. 

In October, Swarakar Singh was sentenced to five years in prison for reporting a case involving alleged rape of a young woman in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 

She was later found guilty of fabricating a case, and served seven years in a juvenile detention centre.

Swaravar Singh has previously been involved in activist activism against India’s laws against sexual violence. 

He has also worked as a journalist, contributing to Indian media and publishing an article about his experience working for the National Crime Records Bureau. 

On Friday, he posted on his Twitter page that he had been released from prison and that he would be returning to his job at the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). 

“I have a job with the NCRB and am working on a new assignment,” he tweeted.

“I am working in a field that deals with crime and the criminal justice system.

I was sentenced in July for the rape of an 18-year-old woman, but I was also convicted of a case that occurred two years earlier.

I hope I am freed soon.” 

Sarwaraj’s father, Indira Sawan, also spoke to the newspaper, saying his daughter had been “treated unfairly”.

“I was a journalist working for a newspaper.

I came home from work on a Friday morning, and I saw a message on my mobile phone from the NCRBI.

It said that I had been sentenced to three years in the juvenile detention center,” Sawaraj said.”

That is how I knew something had happened.

The NCRBE has no discretion on what to do with a case.

I felt so helpless.

I couldn’t tell my daughter what had happened to her.” 

India is one of the most prolific countries in the world in

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