32 title The World’s Most Powerful Man Has A New Book That Is Just As Powerful As A Movie article 31 title The best way to stop yourself from becoming a loser article 30 title Why I quit the military article 29 title I’m a good, solid, confident guy, but I can’t shake the fact that I’m insecure article 28 title I have to keep doing this, but my boss keeps saying I’m overthinking things article 27 title My wife’s the best thing to ever happen to me article 26 title When my wife tells me she’s ready to leave, I know she’s right article 25 title My new boyfriend is a jerk and I’m so confused he has no idea how to act in front of me article 24 title I’ve just been so disappointed with my work that I feel like crying article 23 title I feel terrible for having to read this article 22 title I just don’t know what to do right now article 21 title When I tell my husband he’s getting fired, he starts yelling at me article 20 title When it’s time for dinner, I’m too busy making my own food and eating it while he cooks it article 19 title I know I’ve made mistakes, but these ones are worse article 18 title I hate this job, but this is the first job I really like article 17 title I need help with this problem and it will be harder than I thought it would be. article 16 title I think I’m going to cry when I’m alone, and when I feel sad, I feel even more sad.

article 15 title It’s so hard to make ends meet.

I’m not a good enough student to get by, so I’m working really hard to pay for college.

article 14 title When we talk about this, it’s so important to keep talking.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if we’re just talking about our own problems or if the people around us are also feeling those same things.

article 13 title I always thought I was a pretty good student, but now I realize it’s because I’m good at math, but not really good at anything else.

article 12 title I don’t like going out because I have this bad habit of going to parties with a bunch of strangers who all think I should have stayed home.

article 11 title I can barely remember the last time I had dinner without a full plate of food in my mouth.

article 10 title I am the world’s worst writer.

The problem is that my work is so great that no one cares if I make it better or worse than the average writer.

article 9 title I really don’t care if you love me or hate me, but you need to make your love a real thing.

article 8 title I love my boyfriend and it’s amazing that he thinks I’m really good with him, but he is really really good without me. article 7 title It feels like every day is like Christmas.

Every day is an anniversary.

It’s almost like a nightmare.

article 6 title I wish I could have a really happy day, but then I wake up and it is just the worst nightmare of my life.

article 5 title It was the biggest mistake of my entire life.

I am so angry, so confused, and so upset.

article 4 title I got to go to a party with a friend and then my boyfriend starts yelling and screaming and punching me in the face.

I can never forget it. article 3 title When you’re a writer, you never have to worry about anything.

You’re not really in charge of anything.

article 2 title I never thought that being married would be so hard, but it turns out that I actually like being married.

I’ve gotten used to it.

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