3rd November, 2017By Deepak BhargavaPublished 3:50PM ISTOn the last day of the three-day conference of the Indian Association of Architects and Engineers (IAE), the last speaker was Jitendra Singh.

It was a big moment for the organisation, as he had come from a long line of architects and engineers in India.

Singh had built a company to make buildings in Mumbai’s slums, which were the worst in the country, with his colleagues.

He wanted to build a house that would not only provide people with shelter, but would also save them from the ravages of time and climate change.

Singh was the first Indian architect to be awarded a Nobel Prize in economics.

It had taken him two decades to achieve the prize, but after winning it he was hailed as a hero by the Indian people.

Singh’s vision of a house for Mumbai was not a political one.

It aimed to save the city from the urban sprawl that had been building up over the past few decades.

He built it on a vacant lot in the heart of Mumbai, in an area that had become a slum.

It wasn’t built for the sake of the houses that it would replace, but to help the people who lived there.

The house was a testament to the fact that there is no limit to what a person can achieve in his or her lifetime, said Singh, who was speaking in front of a group of architects, engineers and students from the IAE, including eminent architect Kunal Bahl.

The meeting, which was organized by the National Institute of Architectural Education (NIADA), had brought together architects and other eminent architects, architects and engineering students from across the country.

The goal of the event was to encourage and inspire the students to go after careers that would provide them with jobs that would give them a better quality of life.

It would be their dream to live in Mumbai and design, build, design, and build, said IAE President Dinesh Goyal.

The students would design, design and build a new house for the city, and it would be an opportunity for them to live and work in a new city.

The building of this house is a symbol of the way the Iae is working in India, said Goyal, who spoke in English.

The Iae’s vision for Mumbai is about saving the city.

It is about giving back to the people.

This is our city, our home.

In the past, we have tried to get rid of the slums and put up slums in other cities, but it has always failed.

So we want to change that.

And it is about building a new urban housing that has a much better quality.

The IAE has more than 1,000 members in India and has been in existence for more than 50 years.

The organisation’s focus is to help urban dwellers who have been forced to leave their homes in search of better places to live, to create new spaces where people can live together, to improve the quality of the life in the city and to create a city that is more livable.

The students came from all across India and were united in their belief that the city needs a house, that there was no limit in what a city could become.

They said that there are three key pillars of the future of the city that the Ikea building will help bridge: a house to be able to enjoy, a house where people will have a home and a home to live.

They said that we want people to be happy and we want a house like this to be built in Mumbai.

We want a building that will be built on a site where people are able to live together and not be displaced because of the ravage of time or climate change, said Dr Suresh Khanna, the Ihegao chairman and former chairman of the IHEA.

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