I had the chance to sit down with the creator of the hit series of books, which are a series of intimate sex advice for couples who want to have sex but aren’t sure what to do.

“You’ve got to be comfortable with your body,” he told me.

“You have to know your limits.

You have to be able to make yourself orgasm.”

“This is the first time I’ve actually been a couple,” he continued.

“And I don’t want to be a couple anymore.

I don.

You can’t have it all.

I mean, it’s a lot of fun.

But I’m not going to have the best sex in the world.”

The series follows the adventures of four women who want their lives to be filled with the thrill of intimacy.

Each of the books features a different sexual scenario and features a cast of characters ranging from a high school student to an artist who wants to become a porn star.

They’re all written in a way that encourages the reader to have an open mind, while also offering a variety of different scenarios.

I can say I’ve had some great sex with my husband, but the most fun I’ve ever had with my partner has been from the comfort of my bed, according to author and sex educator Lisa L. Green, who created the series with her husband.

The books are written for women, and for all women.

In a series called “Girlfriend’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure,” the author describes how to “keep your man’s hands busy, and get him off.”

While sex is not a “crappy, clichéd, boring, and boring sex toy,” Green says that a partner can still “make a beautiful relationship happen.”

Green, who is also the author of “Flawless Love,” “The Secret Love Story of My Husband,” and “Love Me Right, Love Me Right: The First Couple Sex Story,” is a self-described “sex-positive feminist.”

She told me that she has written a book for women about her experiences with sex, which is available to buy now on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

For her book, Green and her husband set out to create a sex education for couples.

What they found is that women often feel “like they’re being taught a whole new skill set,” Green said.

She said she hopes the books will be “a resource for women to start sharing more information with each other.”

The sex-themed series will be released on April 5, with the first book available to download for free.

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